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19 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks a lot, Pimmberlyann! This is so cool. Really appreciate your hard work. I’m so into this lakorn right now.

  2. Omgosh Khun Ann.. you have NO idea how crazy I was posting my comments on those channels who stole your work..haha…These people have NO SHAME for stealing others hard work and taking ALL the #(*$#) credits! What makes me even MORE mad was people just watch without noticing your name one those videos!

  3. please take my last name off the comment I just made. I did not know it would show in the post. thanks pauline caisso..

  4. Thank you for subbing. I have done some subbing on viki and I know how time consuming it is. Appreciate your time and efforts. Please e mail when you do a new lakorn. I will also be looking back…

  5. thankyou very much. for subbing I been looking for you few day ago on youtube. many thanks to you to take time subbing this lakorn please… continuening subbing…

  6. sorry, one more question. will you be subbing other Thai lakorn after this one? could you kindly let us know if you do ja? thanks a ZILLIONSSSS!!! 😀

  7. khun pimmberlyAnn, why are they giving you hard time about uploading to UTube?
    is it because you hard subbed their videos? what do you think if we start a Thai subbing team to do soft subs like other subbing team out there, this way you don’t worry so much about copy rights etc. But I guess you prefer to work alone…you have more control of things I think..hehehe. It just makes me sooo mad that you had to move here and there just to get away from the copy right issues.

    BTW, is it ruk na ka OR ruk na kha? now would I say ” ruk na kha ja “? and what is POM or PUM? I heard men usually say it. gosh, we need your help….TEACH US THAI!!!!!!..hehehehe

    • ka and kha mean the same thing depends on how you spell it. you cant say ruk na kha ja. pom means ” i” or “me” for males.

  8. hey khun pimmberlyAnn ja…thought I couldn’t ever post again to show my appreciation for ALL your hard work. THANK YOU, THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!!! How do you say I love you in Thai..heheheh…I LOVE YOU!!!! ( not in a weird way ..haha ) 🙂

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