[ENG] Soot Saai Paan สุดสายป่าน Ep.11







22 thoughts on “[ENG] Soot Saai Paan สุดสายป่าน Ep.11

  1. I just wanted to say thank you very much for subbing this lakorn. I highly appreciate it so much. Thank you thank you. I can’t thank you enough. Haha. Well I love you and keep on continue subbing this lakorn. Su su na ja 🙂

  2. i love this lakorn and i can’t wait until the next part 4/6 and so on comes out! thank you loads for uploading! keep it up! (:

  3. Dear Pimmberly Ann: I just came here to show you how much I have been greatly appreciated both your precious time and dedication to subtitling for all of us, who neither speak nor understand Thai… Words are never enough to express our appreciation! You are a wonderful person and you do make me fall in love with SSP. I felt an immense gratitude to you. Thanks a million!

  4. Sorry about any inconvenience! I didn’t know what’s wrong with that… I’d like to tell you the website but it doesn’t work… try to find Pimmberly Ann’s Youtube Channel online and you will find more information about that.

  5. thanks pimmberly ann!!! i’m always checking your channel in youtube and now in wordpress for sud sai pan subbed episodes!!!! 😉

  6. YAY YAY YAY !!. It’s unfortunate that you can’t upload it on youtube anymore but forever grateful that you have this blog and are still continuing in subbing this. Thank you for all your hardwork 🙂

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